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Hypervibe Comparison Chart

See How the Noblerex K1 Platinum® Stacks Up Against Hypervibe Performance®


Hypervibe Performance®

Noblerex K1 Platinum®

#1 - Vibration Type

Oscillating aka. Pivotal, similar to natural gait when walking.

Oscillating aka. Pivotal, similar to natural gait when walking.

#2 - Grade
(Approved Uses)

Personal/Light Commercial

Commercial - for gym, institutional, or home use

#3 - Maximum weight load

397 lbs

330 lbs

#4 - Frequency Settings
(Hz means vibrations per sec)

6Hz - 28 Hz

10 Settings from 7Hz - 28 Hz

#5- Amplitude

0-11 mm

0-14 mm

#6 - Auto Modes/Programs

4 auto programs

3 auto modes and 1 manual mode

#7 - Time Settings

10 min. for all programs and any time can be added during program.

10 min. for all programs and any time can be added during program.

#8 - Remote Control (Great for assisting new users)

#9 - G Force (please see our buyers guide for more insight on G Force)

Up to 9 Gs

#10 - Manufactured In:



#11 - Warranty

2 years parts, service, and labor

6 years parts, 2 years labor

#12 - Satisfaction Guarantee

30 Days. Customer pays for shipping back plus restocking fee.

15 Days. No restocking fee and free shipping back from anywhere in the continental US.

#13 - Acupressure knobs on platform

#14 - Additional Costs to Consider

Step Risers Recommended


#15 - Good Value

#16 - Doctor Recommended?

#18 - Unlimited Support?

Limited - 1 year physio support (basically, help with any questions or concerns regarding use for health problems)

Power Consumption

900 Watts

750 watts

Accessories Included

Upper body straps, DVD

Upper body straps, DVD and poster

Platform Dimensions

14" D x 22" W

14″ W x 23″ D

Machine Weight

106 lbs

98 lbs


25" D X 30" W X 55"H

23" x 31" x 50"


Free shipping anywhere in the continental US

Free shipping anywhere in the continental US


$2599. (No sales tax unless in IL or NY)

$2495 ($280 off). No sales tax.

*Download the Free Buyers Guide to Vibration Exercise Machines for more details on the the 16 Features to compare. The buyers guide provides a full explanation of features 1-15 and why they are important. Just fill out your information below for immediate access.

**Professional use voids warranty

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